Accessibility is the degree to which something can be used, accessed or accessed by all persons, regardless of their technical or physical.

The accessibility applied to Internet content is called web accessibility. On the Web, W3C has developed guidelines or specific guidelines to enable and secure this type of-Accessibility. The working group within W3C is in charge of promoting the WAI.

Web accessibility indicates the ability to access the web and its contents to all persons regardless of disability (physical, intellectual or technical) they have or those resulting from the use context (technological or environmental).

Access Keys:

On the web have defined access keys in each of its component sections. The key combination to access the main sections of the device depend on platform and web access. One of the most common cases are the key combination [alt] + [access key or ctrl] + [accesskey]

The way to access the keyboard shortcuts vary depending on the web browser used.
  • Explorer: ALT + TECLA + ENTER
  • Mozilla Firefox: SHIFT + ALT + TECLA
  • Chrome: ALT + TECLA
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESC + TECLA

The list shows the access keys in brackets and the section to which access is given.
  • ( i ) Index
  • ( k ) Know us Better
  • ( s ) Services
  • ( p ) Prices
  • ( l ) Location
  • ( b ) Spa
  • ( h ) How to Arrive
  • ( r ) Bookings
  • ( c ) Contact
  • ( a ) Accessibility
  • ( n ) News