How will you come?

There are several ways of getting to Archena::
  • A)  By train:
    • Archena or Murcia station, several express trains a day from Madrid and Barcelona.
    • The connexion with Murcia is daily, as in neighbouring towns (Alicante, Albacete, Almeria) as from Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.
    • You can get buses every day from Murcia to Archena Spa.
  • B)  By plane:
    • Alicante International Airport. A 80 Km from Archena by main road.
    • San Javier Airport. A 70 km from Murcia by main road.
  • C)  By road:
    • From Madrid A-3 to Albacete, A-30 Murcia, exit nº 110.
    • From Barcelona A-7 to Murcia (exit 762A). A-30 Murcia-Albacete, exit nº 121A.
    • From Almería A-7 to Murcia, exit nº 563B. A-30 exit nº 121A.
    • The MU-553 road, which goes to Alcantarilla, across Ceutí and Alguazas.
    • The MU-530 road, which goes to Mula, across Yéchar.
    • The MU-552 road, which goes to Blanca and Ojós.
  • D)  Bus services from Murcia. 23 Km from Archena.
    • Working Days Every hour from 8:00 a.m to 21:00 p.m, except for 14:00 horas, leaving at 13:55 horas.
    • Festive Days 9:00-13:00-16:00-19:00-21:00.
    • Working Days 7:00-7:45-7:55-8:00-9:00-10:00-10:30-11:55-13:00-13:30-14:55-15:00-16:00-16:55 18:00-19:00.
    • Festive Days 8:00-10:30-15:00-18:00-19:55
    or any information, you can look up the Latbus's web -
  • E)  Archena Map. It shows how you can arrive at our Hotel: